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Free Public Library of Audubon - Public Notice


Responses Due: February 12, 2016


Through this Request for Proposal & Qualifications (RFP), the Free Public Library of Audubon (hereinafter the “Library”) seeks to engage a vendor as Bookkeeper commencing March 1, 2016 or upon appointment, whichever is later, until January 31, 2017. This contract will be awarded in a fair and open process pursuant to N.J.S.A. I9:44A-20.4 et seq.


The Free Public Library of Audubon operates within the Borough of Audubon with an annual budget of approximately $250,000. The Library Board of Trustees meets on the last Monday of each month or on any special meeting date that may become necessary to schedule.


The vendor will be able to provide accounting services in all areas outlined below.

1. Payroll: Payroll will be outsourced (10 employees). The vendor selected will prepare the necessary accounting entries to incorporate all payroll activity into the general ledger.

2. Accounts Payable: The Library currently uses QuickBooks to process accounts payable checks, and we will provide the vendor with all necessary accounts payable information. The vendor selected will be responsible for the accounts payable monthly reports and posting of all activity to the general ledger.

3. Encumbrance System: The selected vendor will be responsible for the integration of a purchase order system into the Library’s daily workflows.

4. Cash Receipts and Accounts Receivable: The vendor selected will be responsible for integrating all monthly cash receipts data into the general ledger and processing monthly revenue reports.

5. Monthly Reports: The vendor selected must provide a report in a similar structure and format to our current reports. Currently a check register and monthly financial reports for the previous month is approved at the Board of Trustees meeting on the last Monday of each month. At a minimum, the following types of reports should be forwarded to the Library on a monthly basis:

• Monthly bills paid
• Accounts Payable checks and check register
• Revenue and Expenditure reports (comparison to YTD budget)
• Balance Sheet
• Payroll Summary
• General ledger detail no less than once a quarter and as requested
• Monthly bank reconciliation
• Vendor detail – as requested

6. Year End Work: The vendor will provide all necessary account reports to the Library's auditors in a timely fashion. Once the audit has been completed, the vendor will add any auditor adjustments and run final reports for the year.

* Estimated time per month to execute the Bookkeeping of the Library is approximately 10 hours to 14 hours.


Applicant vendors must establish that they meet the following minimum qualifications:


A. Vendor with experience in bookkeeping for municipalities / municipal libraries. The applicant shall have five (5) years’ experience as a Bookkeeper specializing in a library / municipality in the State of New Jersey.

B. The applicant must also demonstrate a high degree of knowledge, experience and ability with the following:

i. The financial operation of municipal libraries
ii. Integration of various funding and expense streams within the QuickBooks environment.
iii. Design and implementation of QuickBooks to reflect an entity’s financial operations.
iv. Training of relevant staff in the use of QuickBooks.
v. Executing an encumbrance process within QuickBooks.
vi. Reconciliation of necessary accounts


A. Complete Applicant Proposal Form – the form can be obtained by emailing Andrew Brenza, Library Director, at

B. Resume detailing relevant employment history.

C. References for at least 3 clients, including client’s name, description of services provided, and contact person (name, title, address, phone number, and email) may be requested following receipt of A and B above.


The complete proposal must be submitted via email on or before 5:00 PM, February 12, 2016 to Andrew Brenza, Library Director, at All submissions will be acknowledged within 2 business days of receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please contact Andrew Brenza at 856-547-8686.


All proposals will be reviewed by the Library Director to determine responsiveness. Non-responsive proposals will be rejected without evaluation. For vendors that satisfy section V “Proposal Requirements” above, the Library will evaluate proposals based on the following evaluation criteria, separate or combined in some manner, and not necessarily listed in order of significance:

a. The vendor’s general approach to providing the services required under this RFP.

b. The qualifications and experience of the vendor with the emphasis on documented experience in successfully completing work on contracts of similar size and scope to the services required by the RFP.

c. The overall ability of the vendor to mobilize, undertake, and successfully complete the scope of work in a timely fashion. The criteria will include, but not be limited to, the following factors: the qualifications of the vendor, including qualifications of all staff proposed by the vendor, to perform the services required by the RFP, and the availability and commitment of the vendor to perform said services.

d. Costs and fee schedule.


The Library will select the vendor deemed most advantageous to the Library, based on price and other factors. The resulting contract will include this RFP, any clarifications or addenda thereto, the selected vendor’s proposal, and any changes negotiated by the parties.

If a vendor has any questions about the contents of this RFP, or about any matters relating to it, the questions must be directed to Andrew Brenza, Library Director, via email at or by telephone at 215-547-8686. All questions will receive prompt responses.

Museum Pass Program

The Museum Pass Program allows our patrons free access to some of the area's finest cultural and educational attractions. 

Museum Passes currently available:

 Academy of Natural Sciences

 Camden Children's Garden - NEW!

 Garden State Discovery Museum

 Grounds for Sculpture

 Morris Arboretum - NEW!

 Penn Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Heritage Quest Online

Are you interested in finding out more about those in your family tree?

We have added Heritage Quest Online to our library.

Heritage Quest Online, available on your home computer or on the library computers, features an incredible storehouse of American genealogical information. 

To login, simply click above on Helpful Links.  Both databases are listed under the column Library Resources.  Heritage Quest Online does require your assigned barcode number.

Also, please note that we will be providing a tutorial on how to use Heritage Quest Online on December 17th, 2015 at 6:30pm at the Library.

Freegal Music

We are excited to announce that Freegal Music has recently been added to our library!

Freegal Music allows our patrons to download music to their computer, iPod, or iPhone for free!  Simply click on Helpful Links above.  Under the column Library Resources, you will note the link for Freegal Music.  Feel free to browse the site.  Your barcode number is required to login and begin downloading.

LearningExpress Library

Are you getting ready to take the SAT?  Civil Service exam?  US Citizenship test?  Military exam?  

We are so excited to bring the LearningExpress Library to our patrons!  It offers a large selection of educational and career-related resources.  Look for the link under Helpful Links, Library Resources to access the LearningExpress Library.  The library is divided into centers.  Simply choose a center and go!

  • Adult Learning Center - provides help with building basic skills, as well as prep for the US Citizenship exam
  • College Center - provides skill reviews in math, reading, grammar, writing and science, as well as prep for Graduate School Admissions, College Placement Exams, and CLEP exams
  • College Preparation Center - provides prep for PSAT, SAT, ACT, THEA, TOEFL iBT tests, AP exams, and college admissions essay writing
  • High School Equivalency Center - provides help with buillding basic skills, as well as prep for GED, HiSET, and TASC tests
  • School Center - provides help with math, reading, etc. skills from the elementary level through high school
  • Career Center - learn about careers, as well as prep for nursing entrance exams, occupational exams, including allied health, teaching, cosmetology, firefighter, law enforcement and more, military exams, job search and workplace skills
  • Recursos para Hispanohablantes - provides math, speaking and grammar skill building, as well as prep for the GED test and US Citizen exam for Spanish speakers