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A New Website And A New Logo!

A New Website and a New Logo!

The Free Public Library of Audubon is pleased to welcome you to our new website. It is our hope that this website will enhance your experience of the library by providing more information than our previous site as well as easier navigation.

The site now features:

  1. A new logo! Depicting a book, a Wi-Fi signal, and a circle of inter-connected people, this logo reflects the library’s mission to be the center of information, entertainment, and discovery for the residents of Audubon. Additionally, the logo highlights the expanded role of the library as a provider of so much more than books, including the provision of technology services, programming for all ages, relevant services, and information of all kinds.
  2. A downloadable version of the latest issue of the Library Line. Appearing three times a year, the Library Line offers information on upcoming events and programs at the library as well as other library news.
  3. Information on how to use various online resources offered by the library, including hoopla, Overdrive, Rosetta Stone, Career Accelerator and Consumer Reports.
  4. Dates and times for upcoming events and programs on every page.
  5. A sign up option for our newsletter.
  6. Membership and services information, including information on any fees.
  7. A contact form for your feedback.

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to use our contact form (link to Contact) to provide us with feedback about our site, or anything else related to library. We wish you the best and thank you for visiting.

See you among the stacks!

The Free Public Library of Audubon

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