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Book Bundles At The Library

Book Bundles at the Library

Since the library building remains closed, it may be hard to decide what to borrow. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Below are lists of topics organized by age group. Simply call the library at 856-547-8686, and let us know which topic/age group you are interested in and we will put together a bundle of 5 books for you to pickup. No hassles, no need to read them all. Just read the ones you like, and return the others, or just read them all!

Children’s Picture Books/Board Books/Beginning Readers:

Board Books

  • ABCs & 123s
  • Cuddle Time
  • Feeling Silly
  • Interactive
  • Just a bundle of age appropriate books, no theme

Beginner Readers

  • Building Reading Confidence
  • Familiar TV Characters
  • Have a Laugh
  • Just the Facts (non-fiction collection)
  • Welcome to 2nd Grade!
  • Just a bundle of age appropriate books, no theme

Picture Books

  • Animals—General
  • Award Winners
  • Bedtime Stories
  • Dinosaur Stories
  • Fairytales Reimagined
  • Famous People
  • Farm Animals
  • Learning to Read
  • Let’s Laugh
  • Mo Willems Collection
  • Planes, Trains, & Cars
  • Pirates, Knights, & Dragons! Oh, My!
  • Princess Party
  • Proud of Me
  • STEAM books
  • Superheroes
  • Tea Party Ready
  • Timeless Classics
  • Trucks/Construction
  • Just a bundle of age appropriate books, no theme

Juvenile Fiction:

  • Something for the Girls
  • Something for the Boys
  • American History
  • Books in a Series
  • Mystery
  • Classics
  • Fantasy
  • Sports
  • Book and a Movie
  • Award Winners
  • Native Americans
  • Goblins & Witches
  • Holidays
  • Vampires
  • Diversity
  • Just a bundle of juvenile fiction books, no theme

Juvenile Fiction:

  • Animals of Africa
  • Scientists/Inventors

Young Adult Fiction:

  • Fantasy
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Vampires
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Romance
  • Just a bundle of young adult fiction books, no theme

Adult Fiction:

  • Gentle (Comfort/Feel Good) Reads
  • Romance
  • Read the Book/See the Movie
  • Historical Fiction
  • Spy/Espionage
  • Crime/Detective
  • Law/Lawyers/Courtroom
  • Science Fiction
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Set in New Jersey
  • Discrimination
  • Star Wars
  • Set in Philadelphia
  • Women’s Literature/Relationships
  • Spooky Fiction
  • Women who don’t fit in
  • Just a bundle of adult fiction books, no theme

Adult Nonfiction:

  • Racial Justice
  • Anti-Racism
  • Religions of the World
  • Comforting Reads
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Exploring New Jersey
  • True Crime
  • Green Living
  • Home Improvements
  • Nonfiction Books Made into Movies (that we also have)
  • Humor
  • Humorous Essays
  • Just a bundle of adult nonfiction books, no theme

Adult Biography:

  • Great Memoirs
  • Film Stars
  • Music Icons
  • Organized Crime
  • Sports & Athletes
  • Military & Wars
  • American Women
  • Founding Fathers & American Presidents
  • Just a bundle of biographies, no theme

We will be adding more topics & genres for adults & juveniles soon, so come back often!

If you would like to know how else to request materials for curbside pickup, check out our article Curbside Pickup is Now Available.


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