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Many online resource providers are making their products available for free for a limited time during the current public health crisis. Please enjoy these products while you can. No library card is required.

Ebooks for Kids


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A selection of storybooks, early readers, chapter books, graphic novels, nonfiction, books in Spanish and French, puzzles, and educational videos. Choose a book from the Read Along tab to have the story read to you.  


Charming storybook videos paired with nonfiction early readers and extension activities explore themes like Animals and Nature, Music and Rhyme, and much, much, more. Username: bookflix48 Password: green. 



Read Scholastic’s popular True Books series online, paired with informational videos. Login: trueflix48 Password: green.


Freedom Flix

An array of Scholastic nonfiction books exploring history and social studies. Login: freedomflix48 Password: green. 


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Articles, eBooks, learning games, activities, and more for learners of all ages.

Parent & Student Resources / Parent Resources

Choose a grade level to discover charming storybook videos paired with nonfiction early readers and extension activities, or cool articles for older students.


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Over 1,000 PreK-12 nonfiction titles in science, social studies, language arts, math, and more.

Login: guest Password: follett. 



Engaging learning resources designed especially for K-3 students.

Username: engaged Password: learning. 


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Engaging learning resources designed especially for learners in grades 3-5.

Username: engaged Password: learning. 


My Capstone Library

Read your choice among thousands of illustrated fiction, informational, and comic books, or have them read to you with the audio feature.

Username: continue Password: reading. Available through May 27.


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Travel the world through books! Enjoy free access to books in languages from Afrikaans to Yiddish in this “library for the world’s children.”


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TumbleBooks for the older set! You’re just a click away from fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, graphic novels, AP English classics, enhanced eBooks, audiobooks, and videos.


Digital Audiobooks

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Your online audio library featuring children’s, YA, classics, and adult audiobooks, including audiobooks in Spanish.
Username: tumble2020 Password: A3b5c6


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Online audiobooks for everyone from the littlest listeners to tweens and teens. Just click and listen!

Permission to publish this list was generously granted by the Moorestown Public Library.

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